Genesis WordPress 4.5 "Coleman"

  • Tuesday, 12th April, 2016
  • 00:00am

Version 4.5 of WordPress, named “Coleman” was released today and it includes enhancements to performance and usability. As part of our fully managed Genesis WordPress hosting service, Genesis websites will automatically receive the update at no extra cost*. However we will not be rolling out this update until the next minor release 4.5.1 becomes available which is expected within a week. This is to ensure full compatibility of all plugins with the new version, such as:

1) While version 4.5 introduces many new features such as keyboard shortcuts to help manage content in the CMS (e.g. pressing CTRL+K will allow directly adding a link by entering just the URL), it also deprecates many functions. This does not affect Genesis developed designs or plugins however it does affect Events plugin (by NetWebLogic). We must wait for a patch before upgrading the WordPress core.

2) WordPress 4.5 now supports inline script function which will improve website load performance however all plugins must first be updated to leverage this function to see any benefit. We expect all plugins will be updated by the time WordPress releases 4.5.1.

This service is included at no extra cost for all Genesis developed WordPress sites being hosted at Action Hosting. No action on your part is required.
*Any self-managed Genesis websites will not be included. However if you choose to update yourself we recommend you also wait for WordPress next minor release.

Thank you for choosing Action Hosting!
Your Action Hosting Support Team

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