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It's important to note that the default user roles shoult not be deleted, even if they are not being used.  The system users default user roles for various tasks and if deleted could cause unexpected behaviour.

1. Log into your Action Global Cloud Billing Portal by going to and click Login

2. Navigate to Services > My Services

3. A list of your services will be displayed including hosting plan type, domain name, price, billing cycle, next due date, and status

4. Click on the service you wish to access

5. Click Open control panel

6. Ensure the desired website is selected on the Subscription drop down list located on top right

7. Navigate to Users

8. Click User Roles

Default user role priviledges:

Owner: Full access

Webmaster: Same access as Owner but without ability to manage users and roles

Application User: Access to hosting resource usage and own mail account

Accountant: same as Application User

User roles can be modified by navigating to Users > click User Roles > click a role name > modify permissions > click OK

9. Click role name to edit

10. Modify permissions as desired

11. Click OK

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