Action Hosting Launches Action Global Cloud Services

  • Wednesday, 6th August, 2014
  • 00:00am

Action Hosting is very pleased to announce phase 1 of our Action Global Cloud Services.  Please stay tuned for our next exciting announcement phase 2 in the coming weeks – which when coupled with the Action Global Cloud Services will further increase your profitability and set you apart from the competitors. Today, however we are announcing - the Action Global Cloud.

What is Action Global Cloud?

Action Global Cloud is the foremost hosting platform available in the world, allowing our clients to host Linux websites on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable Global infrastructure using the world’s most advanced computing facilities. Action Global Cloud is built using Google global footprint using Google expertise and experience and on the same infrastructure that allows Google to return billons of responses in seconds.

Why Action Global Cloud?

 Action does not market.  We do not offer any product or services that compete with you.  When you invest in Action zero dollar is spend on competing offering but rather all is spent re-investing in you with value allowing you to differentiate from your local competitors.

Localized Hosting: You now have a first in WSI - a global infrastructure where you are not limited to hosting in one country or state.  We are now able to host the data globally.  Take a test drive, setup a copy of any site on Action Global Cloud and compare its performance with your current host.

Global Network: Google has one of the largest and most advanced computer networks with the highest levels of certifications. Google’s backbone network has thousands of miles of fiber optic cable, uses advanced software-defined networking and has edge caching services to deliver fast, consistent and scalable performance.

Redundancy: Multiple points of presence across the globe providing strong redundancy. Your data is automatically mirrored across storage devices in multiple locations.

Cutting-edge computer science: Infrastructure and Hosting innovation isn’t just about hardware. Google has led the industry with innovations in software infrastructure. Today, Google is pushing the next generation of advance technology. When you host on Action Global Cloud Platform, you get access to Google’s technology innovations faster.

You can access this service directly via or for more information please email us at

We thank you for your continued support.

Action Hosting

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