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Our spam filters perform several layers of checks to filter email traffic. Any email message classified as spam will be placed in the Webmail Junk E-mail folder.  It's recommended that user's check their Webmail Junk E-mail folder every few days.  If an email message is being placed in the Junk E-mail folder it's likely due to a black listing or poor reputation of the sender's email server and ultimately it's the responsibility of the sender's email service provider to ensure that their servers are free from any black lists.  However if the sender's email service provider is neglectful in keeping their servers free from black lists you can do the following to allow the email messages through regardless of any black listing.

Option 1: Add either the sender's email address or the sender's email domain to Trusted Senders list (recommended - isolate approach to issue)
How to manage trusted sender/white list

Option 2: Change the way Webmail handles email messages classified as spam (for advanced users only - broader approach and more severe)
How to override spam settings

Note: Webmail Junk E-mail folder will hold email messages for upto 30 days. Email messages in the Webmail Junk E-mail folder older than 30 days are automatically deleted.

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