How to sync Webmail contacts & calendar with Outlook using Funambol Outlook Sync Client Print

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Webmail uses multiple data synchronization technologies to sync mailbox data with email clients and mobile devices. SyncML is a platform-independent open standard for synchronization of information, and Webmail uses the Funambol SyncML plug-in to sync contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes with Outlook.

1. Download the Funambol Outlook Sync Client for Microsoft Outlook
2. Install Funambol Outlook Sync Client by completing the installation wizard.
3. After the install is complete, the Funambol Outlook Sync Client will open.
4. To configure the sync settings, go to Tools > Options.
5. Enter the server location following the format: http://mail.DOMAIN.COM/sync/default.aspx (replace "DOMAIN.COM" with your domain name)
6. Enter your full email address in the username.
7. Enter your email password in the appropriate field.
8. Click the Sync icon to select which items should be synchronized (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes) and to schedule a sync interval.
9. Click OK

Funambol Outlook Sync Client Quick Start Guide:

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