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If you want to directly access the site panel and or allow other users to access the Panel for managing the website. You can customize their roles to control what kind of access they will have.

It's important to note that the default user and default roles should not be deleted, even if they are not being used. The system uses default user roles for various tasks and if deleted could cause unexpected behavior.

1. Log into your Action Global Cloud Billing Portal by going to and click Login

2. Navigate to Services > My Services

3. A list of your services will be displayed including hosting plan type, domain name, price, billing cycle, next due date, and status

4. Click on the active button on the service you wish to access

5. Click Open control panel

6. Navigate to Users

7. Click Create User Account

8. Enter Contact name and Email address

9. Select User role. This sets the permissions this user will have. There are some default roles you can choose from, as listed in detail below. In most cases, Webmaster works well in a variety of scenarios. If you want to create a custom user role, refer to How to edit hosting panel user roles

Default user roles:

Owner: Full access
Webmaster: Same access as Owner, but without ability to manage users and roles
Application User: Access to hosting resource usage
Accountant: same as Application User

10. In the Access to subscriptions drop down list, select the website this account will have access

11. Enter the Username and Password that will be used to log in to this account

12. Click OK

13. New user account can now be used to log in via the following URL using the username and password you assigned: http://www.domain.tld:8880

Note: Testing the new account access is highly recommended, ensuring they only have access to the desired website and privileges.

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